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Why Choose Trexedia ?

Automated process and Ease of booking in a world of complicated corporate travel policies and tiresome reimbursement process is the challenge of business travel today. Trexedia eases the booking and expense management thereby automating the invoicing process for the corporates.


Best inventory integrations, core process configuration and management, compliance to corporate travel policy along with Automation enables users and corporates to get cost effective options and ease of booking. Users can book their Flight, Hotel, Bus and Cab online with an offline support for Train bookings.


Reimbursement process is made easy by integrating expenses to their travel and enabling users to capture expenses on the go. The flow of expense to the corporate financial systems helps the corporates to process bills faster and manage their expenses more efficiently.


Invoice reconciliation and management enables corporates to track and manage their invoices more efficiently.

About us

Modern Travel and Expense Management

Travel and expense management for today’s businesses requires modern, user-friendly technology and comprehensive support to keep employees informed and safe.

What we do and believe

Trexedia address big problems, small problems, and problems you didn’t know you had. We turn the difficult into simple, make the unknown known, and put an end to tedious tasks.

State of the art

Trexedia has powerful management features, 24/7 customer support, state-of-the-art technology and consumer-grade design, all of which is enabling companies worldwide to get the most out of their travel.

All travel services and inventory

Trexedia provides online and offline services including but not limited to air,hotel,car,bus,train,insurance,visa,forex, meet & greet and miscellaneous services. Trexedia provides largest inventory especially for air, hotel and cars by integrating with globally available API's and customer specific content.


Support for multiple services, best inventory, support for online and offline management helps the corporate to manage their services.


Multiple role support gives flexibility for corporates to define access and restrictions as per their needs.


Corporates can manage and handle processes and rules through the configuration engine.


Availability of 24/7 support for travelers gives them the flexibility to modify and get assistance for their bookings.


ios and Android support


ChatBot and EmailBot support.


GST with multiple payment options and integrations.


Best inventory and core process integaration is the strength of our travel platform. Multiple service support - Flight, Hotel, Bus, Train, Cab, Insurance, Visa, Forex and Miscellaneous services are supported and can be configured as per corporate requirements. Corporate and Retail fare support - Enables corporates to make the best use of their corporate deals along with corporate policy and handle their missed savings and budget. Support for online and offline inventory Multi level approval support Multiple Payment option Integrated corporate policies Email Notifications Ios and Android - Mobile support


Reimbursement process made simple with our on the go management of bills under the Expense module. OCR reading of bills to scan and populate bills for easy submission Users can manage and capture bills using mobile app and hold them in the cart Users can manage travel and non travel bills based on corporate categorisation Multi level approval support Integrated corporate Expense policies Email Notification Integration with backend finance system Reverse flow of expense reimbursement to reflect actual status of reimbursement Integration with customer corporate cards to auto pull the expenses and list them in their expense buckets.


Request and management of Advances based on corporate policies and budgets Integrated corporate policies for advance process Multi level approval Tracking for advances against budget Linking of advances to Expense Tallying of expense to advance Integration with backend finance system Email Notification


Auto generation of invoices based on GST and Tax parameters enables corporates to track and manage invoices. Auto generated invoices Invoice calculations handled as per government norms on GST and Taxes Reconciliation of invoices


Ceo & Founder

Travel reborn with advance tech.



Good product fort travel.



Travel tool best in class.


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